Project CashFlow!

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As you most likely know, in recent years the concept of "monetary flow "or cash flow (from English cash flow), however, mainly when talking about the financial activities of the company.

If we apply this concept to a person, then in simple words it can be explained as follows: cash flow shows movement of money in your personal (or family) budget - how much and where it comes from, how much and what it goes to, and how much remains.

It is impossible to be a truly financially successful person if you do not know how to effectively manage your money stream. If desired, anyone can learn this, and then his well-being will constantly improve, despite possible negative manifestations of external factors - economic crisis, hyperinflation, default, collapse banking system, etc.

But even if you have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage your cash flow, in the modern world, you most likely will not be able to independently cope with all the risks and obstacles, and almost You are 100% likely to become a victim of an unfair financial system and live in endless debt.

The only way for you to succeed in the circumstances is to team up with a lot of other people, together to create a system of collective cash flow management and, guided by uniform rules, actively develop this system on mutually beneficial terms.

This project is an example of such a system - this is the Collective Self-Sufficiency Fund created by the association like-minded people from around the world. Our goal is to free as many people as possible from financial slavery and create a new world economy that will match modern technological development humanity and will establish a fair redistribution of goods and resources between people.

The idea of creating the Fund is based on a radical paradigm change that has taken place in the world: instead of a shortage of goods and services there has been a crisis of overproduction - all goods without exception are produced with a huge surplus, their quantity significantly exceeds the number of people on earth.

At the same time, neither the state nor the banking system can keep pace with the development of technologies, including in the field finance. Humanity needs a fundamentally new approach to solving the problem of redistributing excess benefits. Very soon advertising, marketing, competition - all these remnants of the outdated economy of the society of the unconscious consumption - will die off. All the frightening events that have taken place in the world in recent years are signs of the withering away of capitalism. On it is replaced by a society of prosperity and harmony.

Our Collective Self-Sufficiency Fund, along with such systems, will be the backbone of the economy of the future. If you are if you want to be confident in the future, we invite you to become a beneficiary of the Fund.

By becoming a beneficiary, you will not only build a lifetime financial flow, but also, thanks to the built-in program multi-stage training, you will receive psychological support at every stage of your development in the system. When desire, you will easily master a new profession and build a successful career in areas that will be very relevant in the economy of the future - financial management, financial coaching and financial consulting.

The Foundation uses a unique psychological model, as well as a number of protective mechanisms developed on the basis of many years of study of the behavior of large groups of people within the financial system. Thanks to this, the Foundation reliably protected from any external and internal shocks.